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Gravesend Community Mela Festival

Members of the Four by Four Bhangra Youth Club took part in the Gravesend Community Mela Festival on the Bandstand in August.  This free community event included performancers by a number of leading bhangra starts including Benny Dhaliwal and Raju Dinehwala.

The Mela was headlined by the Crown Prince of Bhangra Jazzy B who the youth club members were able to meet prior to his performance.  Further images from the event can be found at

Talking Dhols

Four by Four have been working with local arts company Cohesion Plus on a new set called “Talking Dhols” which was performed for the first time at the Tunbridge Wells Mela.  The set which features upto 6 dancers and 4 drummers proved to be a big hit at Tunbridge Wells and is being fine tuned again for the Maidstone Mela.

Gurdish Sall from Four by Four commented “I was really pleased with the great response that we had.  It is not often you will see for example Queens “We will rock you” be fused with Panjabi MC but this is what this new set is about, pushing the bounderies of bhangra and fusing new styles together.

Four by Four Talking Dhol Set at Tunbridge Wells Mela

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